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Genesis UAS Group has over 25 years of UAS training experience. We have trained flight crew members all across the globe for both private and governmental entities with a 99% success rate. We prepare individual crew members with the knowledge necessary to exceed the requirements of FAA FAR standards. If your organization requires a professional UAS flight crew member, we have the expertise to take them from zero time to prime time. Here are the areas of focus:

  • News Media/Cinema productions

  • Inspection/Survey

  • T&D Inspection,

  • Solar Inspection

  • Wind Inspections

  • Drone Delivery

  • Custom Course Curriculum and more!              

We can have you airborne In a matter of 7 days!



Genesis UAS Group has established a relationship with several of the top aerodynamic engineering universities across the nation. We can perform UAV machine learning, IMU testing, system dynamic stability flight testing for fixed-wing or rotor-wing projects. Our team of project managers, Ph.D. and Grad students has the expertise and know-how to handle R&D assignments for micro UAS, to above 55-pound UAS systems.


Genesis UAS Group has solid relationships with various test site locations across the U.S. We can perform testing and research for both Private and Government needs. Our motto is  we open portals no one else can, with  

"Passion, Purpose, and Professionalism.

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